Office Services Division

Established in 1994, our Office Services Division was created to meet the needs of the diverse business community of New England. This group was created and is managed by Jerry Markow and Michael Norton, who between them have over 30 years of experience in selling, planning and managing office and industrial relocations. The Office Services division quickly grew to over 100 people and now represents over $9 million in gross annual sales; more than many full size van line agents.

Single Source

During the past 15 years we have concentrated on bringing on board the most talented people in the industry, with an eye towards offering our customers a single-source project team. We have accomplished our goal of becoming the leading commercial moving company in New England. In addition to our moving services, we offer installation of modular furniture, pallet racking, inventory and warehouse shelving as well as caging. We also disconnect and reconnect desktop computers. All installation is handled in house. We do not subcontract these tasks as most movers must.

Quality and Experience

Sterling Corporation, unlike most of our competitors, does not use temporary labor. Our office services crew is made up of trained professionals. Each crew member is trained in house priot to visiting the customer's site and is fulled insured and in full uniform.

The average years of service for our crew members are 5 years while our supervisors average 10 years. Having this full time professional crew is what has allowed us to offer our customers consistent, excellent service. It is why we have performed more than double the number of office/industrial relocations than our nearest competitors.


When selecting a mover for your corportate relocation the last thing that you need to be concerned about is whether your mover can accommodate a change of date. Many movers can only handle one large corporate relocation at a time. This can cause a major conflict if your move is delayed. Unlike smaller movers, Sterling's Office Services Group can handle up to 5 major corporate relocations simultaneously. Our capacity helps us to protect our customers from problems created by schedule delays.