There’s no getting around it: electricity is expensive! With rising energy costs, you’re probably seeing an unwelcome increase in your monthly bill. At Sterling Moving & Storage, we can sympathize, but we also know that the best time to start a new routine is after a move! Our Greenwich and Stamford movers are committed to saving you money, so we’ve compiled a list of tips that will lower your bill. Some simple ways to save money include:

  • Keep Vents Open, Use Filters
    Keeping your vents closed won’t save you money – it’ll just make your air conditioning work harder. Opening your vents and keeping them clean with filters will increase airflow efficiency and lower your monthly bill.
  • Use Fans Whenever Possible!
    Yes, fans can even be used in the winter. To keep heat in your home and reduce the need for AC, set your fan to run in a clockwise direction and push air down.
  • Cold Wash is Best!
    …For saving you money, at least! You’ll eliminate the extra energy needed to heat the water, and since colors are less likely to run, you may be able to wash lights and darks together.
  • Unplug
    Unplug chargers whenever you’re not using them. Simply turning off a computer will use far less energy than letting it sleep.
  • Bake, Dry, etc. at Night!
    Many electric companies have lower rates for energy after 8pm. In addition, your air conditioner won’t be struggling to make up the difference from your hot oven or dryer when it’s naturally cooler.

Making a transition can be daunting, but your friendly experts at Sterling Moving & Storage will help you every step of the way with seamless, affordable solutions. To learn more about how our Greenwich movers and Stamford movers can help, contact us today!