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Office Moving

We are the business movers with a focus on planning and scheduling, providing an efficient office move that best serves your business. Sterling prepares your employees for the move, ensuring everyone knows what to expect when moving day arrives. By streamlining the move process through organization and preparation, office relocation can be a stress-free, productive experience. Sterling has the training, skilled team and specialized equipment to handle any office move expertly.

Business Movers - Single Point of Contact

As your business movers, we provide you with a single source contact to assist you with your office relocation. No matter where you are moving, your personal representative handles all the details, so you can keep up with your ongoing business. Preplanning includes examining the items you wish to move and investigating the possible trouble areas, such as stairs and limited capacity elevators at your present location and the new site.

Office Movers - Professional Service

It's our business to cover the details. Professional supervisors oversee the trained personnel who perform the actual move. All necessary padding, crating, rolling, hoisting and handling equipment will be arranged for to make your business move more efficient. Our trained professionals can take apart, move and install your modular office furniture at your new location. When it comes to moving your business, there is nothing we cannot handle.

Office Moving - Local, Interstate, International

Choose Sterling as your business movers for your upcoming office relocation. We can relocate your office locally, nationally or internationally with an unparalleled efficiency. Contact Sterling today, or fill out our online quote form now for your free moving estimate!