Corporate Relocation

Corporate Relocation

As corporate relocation experts, our tried and true process for relocating one employee or an entire staff is unparalleled. We offer the most comprehensive services and provide you with a single source contact to assist you with every aspect of the relocation. Sterling has the corporate relocation initiative that both caters to your business objectives and relieves the stress on the transferee(s).

Employee Relocation Extranet Site

The Sterling North American Extranet Site provides convenient, informative and organized online guide to utilizing our corporate relocation services.

  • Inform your transferee on moving tips, important contacts and your company's moving policies.
  • Provide information to your international transferee without worry over time differences and phone or mail expenses.
  • Authorize the move electronically by submitting a customized form directly to your Sterling contact.
  • Access important relocation data.
  • Simplify the relocation for both you and your employee.

The Sterling North American "Extranet Site" is a great tool for simplifying the employee relocation process. Imagine how this innovative luxury will ease the mind of a transferring employee by answering many of their questions.

Let Sterling customize a corporate relocation extranet site tailored to the specific needs of your company. Take advantage of this fantastic offer from Sterling North American, and give your employees the advanced conveniences they have come to expect from working with a company like yours.