Specialized moving is something we at Sterling take very seriously. High-value products, such as computers, scientific instruments, sensitive medical equipment, art treasures, antiques and fine furniture, require special handling and care when being moved. You can rest assured that Sterling's trained personnel understand the care needed for your special move. With specialized techniques and equipment, your high value products will move with ease.

Secure High-Value Products Moving

Air-ride suspension vans, unique padding methods and "mar-free" straps ensure a safe and secure specialized moving performance. We can arrange for vans with overhead cranes, vans with climate-controlled environments and all the specialized handling equipment needed for one shipment or for repeated moves. And, Sterling will make all the arrangements, ensure complete follow-up and then provide just one itemized billing statement.

Local, Interstate and International High-Value Products Moving

Sterling is fully equipped and prepared to handle your needs when moving high value products – across town...or around the world. Click on any of the links below to learn more about our specialized moving capabilities:

  • Antiques & Fine Art Moving: We can securely move your antiques, sculptures and other fine art with ease.
  • Computer Moving: Our specialized equipment is designed to transport sensitive computer systems that require extra care.
  • Lab & Medical Equipment Moving: We are trusted by medical offices and laboratories all over the North East to move their specialized equipment.
  • Motorcycle Shipping: We can ship your motorcycle anywhere in the world with the gentle touch it deserves.
  • Trade Show Shipping: We can get your trade show exhibits and displays to their destination securely and on time.