Records Storage - Document Storage

Records Storage

Records storage is necessary for your business to store important files and documents, but you do not have the room at your facility. Sterling provides a solution to this problem by offering warehousing for your records. We manage your files with a system that guarantees organized inventory management. With multiple warehouse locations and more than 400,000 square feet of storage space, you can rest assured that we can handle your records storage requirements.

Document Storage Solutions

Sterling can accommodate your needs for short or long-term records storage, handling such items as files and documents from medical offices, law firms, Fortune 500 companies and more. You can store however many files you need and retrieve one or them all whenever necessary. Our records storage services are flexible and competitively priced to best serve your business.

Document Storage Facilities

We provide modern and spacious warehouse facilities that utilize the latest in technology, security and fire prevention systems. Our warehouses have more than 400,000 square feet of storage space and feature 24-hour security. The immaculately kept facilities are an ideal environment for the storage of your files and documents. With a web based inventory management system, you have the added peace of mind of knowing where your records are at all times.

Records Storage Professionals

Call Sterling today and let our team of professionals design a customized solution for your records storage needs. For secure, organized storage of your files and documents, there is no better choice than Sterling. Fill out our online quote form today for a free estimate from Sterling.